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MOUNT KENYA PEAKS OVERVIEW - Mount Kenya : Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering
Peak Altitude
[m] [ft]
Batian 5199 17057
Nelion 5188 17021
Point Lenana 4985 16355
Point Pigott 4957 16263
Point Thomson and Thomson Flake 4955 16257
Point Dutton 4885 16027
Point Melhuish 4880 16010
Point John 4863 15955
Point Peter 4757 15607
Midget Peak 4700 15420
Mt Kenya Rock Climb and technical climb in Mt Kenya National park
1880s to 1890s Early exploration and attempts on Mount Kenya by Count Teleki, Dr J W Gregory, George Kolb and others.
1899 First ascent of Mount Kenya by Halford MacKinder, C. Ollier, and J. Brocherel. They ascended Nelion as far as South Ridge, traversed onto the Diamond Glacier and then summited Batian via the Gates of Mist.
1929 First ascent of Nelion via what is now the Normal Route by Eric Shipton and Percy Wyn Harris. They descended into the Gates of Mist and then climbed Batian, thus making the second ascent of Mount Kenya.
1930 First traverse of Mount Kenya by Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman. They climbed the West Ridge of Batian from Firmin Col and then descended via the Nelion Normal Route.
1943 Italian P.O.W.s , Felice Benuzzi, Giovanni Balletto and Enzo Barsotti, inspired by the magical sight of Mount Kenya, escaped from their wartime internment camp near Nanyuki and made an attempt on Batian by the West Ridge, with improvised equipment, sparse food and no maps or prior knowledge of the mountain. They didn't summit Batian, but were able to plant an Italian flag on Point Lenana, thereby thumbing their noses at their British captors. They then returned to face the music at the prison camp. Benuzzi recounts their fascinating story in his book "No Picnic on Mount Kenya."
1944 Arthur Firmin and P.H. Hicks made the first ascent of the Batian by what is now the North Face Normal Route.
1970s Most of the major remaining lines on the mountain were opened by Ian Howell, Iain Allan and others.
1973 First ascent of the Diamond Couloir by Phil Snyder and T. Mathenge.
1976 Ian Howell and D.J. Temple open the Diamond Buttress original route.
1980s to present Steady ongoing development of new and mostly harder routes between the existing lines.
27th August 2010 A new Kenya Consitution is placed on top of Mt Kenya Lenana as well as Batian where Kenyan flag was hoisted.
Route Name: Aproaches
Major camps and
landmarks en route:
Route Overview:
Naro Moru West
  • Naro Moru Gate (2500m)
  • Met Station (3000m)
  • The "Vertical Bog"
  • Teleki Valley
  • Mackinder's Camp (4200m)
  • The Naro Moru route is the fastest and therefore also the most popular route onto the mountain, being used by many of the tour and outfitting companies guiding clients up to Point Lenana.
    It is not particularly scenic and the rapid ascent profile makes it unsuitable for climbers wishing to acclimatise more gradually and sensibly.
    The Naro Moru route also features the legendary "Vertical Bog", a steep quagmire of wet moorland that is extremely taxing and unpleasant after rains.
    The final climb up to the Austrian Hut tackles a long, loose and uncompromising scree slope up the side of the Teleki Valley.
    Basically, you don't want to do this route unless you're in a hurry to bag Point Lenana on a quick 3-day programme.
    Descending via the Naro Moru route is fine though.
    Chogoria East
  • Meru Mt. Kenya Bandas (3000m)
  • Gorges Valley
  • Lake Michaelson
  • Minto's Hut / Hall Tarns (4300m)
  • The Chogoria route is said to be the most scenic and interesting of the three main routes on the mountain.
    The route passes the enchanting Hall Tarns and looks down sheer cliffs into the spectacular Gorges Valley and onto the beautiful Lake Michaelson.
    The Austrian Hut is reached via Tooth Col at the head of the valley.
    Sirimon North
  • Sirimon Gate (2500m)
  • Old Moses Camp (3300m)
  • Liki North Camp (4000m)
  • Mackinder's Valley
  • Shipton's Camp (4200m)
  • The Sirimon route is the least used of the three main routes, but features the most gradual ascent profile and best acclimatisation options.
    The route passes through impressive Yellowwood forests in the lower reaches and features abundant wildlife and beautiful alpine scenery higher up.
    The Austrian Hut and Point Lenana are reached from the head of Mackinder's Valley via Simba Col.
    Mt Kenya climbing ,Rock climb to NELION & BATIAN peaks find routes and prices:
    Peak: Route Name: Grade:
    (East African)
    Normal (Nelion S.E. face) IV-
    Mackinder's IV
    South Face IV
    Ice Window (*) V-
    Diamond Couloir (*) VI
    Southern Slabs VI-
    Diamond Buttress (original) VI
    Equator VI+, A1
    North Face Standard Route (to Batian) IV+
    North Gate VI
    East Gate V+
    Point Lenana Normal Scramble
    Point John South Ridge IV-
    South-East Gully III
    Point John Coiloir V
    Mt Kenya Rock Climbing Normal route
    East African French (alpine) American (rock)
    I F 5.1 - 5.4
    II PD 5.5
    III AD 5.6 - 5.7
    IV D 5.8
    V TD 5.9 - 5.12
    VI ED
    VII ED+

    Name Location Altitude Managed by
    Judmaier Hut
    (Old Moses Hut)
    Sirimon Route 3300m Mountain Rock Hotel
    Shipton's Hut Sirimon Route
    Mackinder's Valley
    4250m Mountain Rock Hotel
    Met Station Lodge Naro Moru Route
    Met Station
    3050m Naro Moru River Lodge
    Mackinder's Hut Naro Moru Route
    Teleki Valley
    4200m Naro Moru River Lodge
    Austrian Hut Lewis Glacier 4800m Mount Kenya National Parks
    Top Hut Lewis Glacier 4800m Mountain Club of Kenya
    Baillie's Bivi Normal Route on Nelion 5000m Mountain Club of Kenya
    Howell Hut Summit of Nelion 5188m Mountain Club of Kenya

    Mt Kenya Technical Rock Standard Normal Route


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