The Rock Climb Guides:
Our local guide has the knowledge and experience of the climbing routes on
Nelion & Balian peaks also with verbal information and local knowledge.Your
Techinical Guide has
1.Undergone Through ( NOLS) Famous American Outdoor School
2.Diploma in Outdoor Activities Leadership ,Map Leading & Navigation
3.Working With Mt Kenya rescue Team (Can lead cliff Rescue)
4.Have Been satisfied by OSLO ,RED CROSS in First Aid & CPR
5.Have climbed the Summit of Mt Kenya more than 30 times(5199 pt lenana)
6.Experince in 12 years

Rock Climbing Gears

  • 2 Ropes, each 60 meters in length (size 9 preferably). The ropes have to be in good condition
  • 12 stoppers, (preferably medium sized ones, no. 3 to 6).
  • At least 6 Chamalots or friends, (nos. 3 to 6).
  • 6 Locking binners and 12 regular binners,
  • Minimum 6 runners, Jumas and a cleaning tool,
  • Enough strings or webbing. Bring 6 short and 6 long sewn ones and a several long unsown ones.

Other important information you may need to know is :-
Equipment check list


Walking pole(s)
Sleeping Bag
Gaiters: To keep mud, rocks, and snow out of your boots.
Water purification: This is essential as water for drinking is taken directly from mountain streams.
Hiking Boots: This is the most important item on the list. You’ll need a comfortable/waterproof pair of hiking boots which offer plenty of support.

Check list (limit yourself)

1 set of thermal underwear (top & bottom e.g poly plopeline thermos)
1 sleeping bag (rating -0 degree or four seasons goose down sleeping bags)
1 warm jersey puff jacket e.g the North Face Types of Jackets
1 sleeping pad/mat
1 pair of track suit top & bottom
1 light towel
1 polar fleece/down vest
1 pair of light loose fitting cotton trousers
1 waterproof jacket (with a hood) & pants
1 to 2 T-shirts (cotton/wool)
4 pairs of thermal hiking socks
2 pairs of thermal socks liner
2 to 3 pairs of shorts (with pockets)
1 pair of hiking boots

1 wide brimmed hat / baseball cap
1 pair of sneakers/trainers/takkies
1 pair of warm heavy weight gloves/mittens
1 pair of gaiters
1 pair of light weight gloves (inner gloves)
1 bandana
1 pair of sunglasses/mountaineering glasses

1 balaclava
1 wool hat
1 warm scarf

NB: Make sure that your boots are waterproof


2 x 2 litres water bottles (camel bags preferably)
1 head lamp (plus spare batteries & bulb)
1 pair of walking/ski poles
1 pocket swiss army knife
2 – 3 packets of moist towelettes.
1 travel pillow (optional)

Personal Items & Toiletries:

Toothpaste & tooth brush, body lotion, toilet paper and other personal hygiene items. (Ladies, please carry some sanitary toiletries as being at high altitude may alter your cycle).

Photographic (optional):

1 camera (plus spare batteries),film & tripod stand,different lenses,
1 pair of binoculars,video camera,video tapes, battery packs.