Mt. Kilimanjaro Weather – When to climb Kilimanjaro?
The weather on Mt. Kilimanjaro affects your climb and your success chances.

Best time of year to climb Mt Kilimanjaro

kili trekYou can climb Kilimanjaro any month of the year, however, you should consider three main factors in choosing your climb date. First is the weather, second is how busy the trek will be and third is the timing of the full moon.

The weather on any high altitude mountain can be changeable and unpredictable and Kilimanjaro is no different. Just because it is the dry season is no guarantee that you will not see rain!!

Generally though this is a good rule:

January to March is warmer with only the occasional brief shower. It is often quieter than the other peak season of June to October, which coincides with the main school holidays in Europe.

April and May are the rainy months and generally to be avoided if possible- of course everyone thinks that so it is quiet

June to October are also good months to climb but can be a little colder than January to March. This is the main high season and therefore busier than at other times.

November is the time of the short rains and again is generally avoided as it is also starting to get cold

sun rise trekking kilimanjaroDecember – the short November rains have subsided and it is now getting clearer and warmer. It is more likely that you will experience snow at this time of year.

An important issue often overlooked when planning a climb up Kilimanjaro is the full moon dates. The summit ascent is nearly always done overnight and the benefit of a full moon is huge for fantastic night sky views.